News From ITALY, Chievo

David Bain / Prostars FC player reported from Italy:

“It’s David. The training here is amazing, it’s all technical, tactical and aerial training. The clubs philosophy is if you can control the ball in the air, it should be easy on the ground. We have our first game tomorrow and I’m doing my best not to give away possession and use all of the skills and techniques I have been taught. Just checking in and saying I’ll be back in December so would I be able to join in the training sessions during the winter upon my return? I also recently became friends with one of the professional player on the first team since the academy and first team get to train together every once in a while.”

More from David:

“The training program is amazing. I’m seeing many improvements in my game. We are learning the most efficient way to control the ball, taking the fewest touches. The game in Europe is definitely a lot faster, the ball moves so much faster. I have learned a lot here. It’s really translating to my game so I’m starting to really measure up to these guys. I have become a much more technically and tactical sound player and this experience has been great!”