Policies, Requirements & Important Documentation

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Guidelines: Appropriate / Inappropriate Conduct between Adults/Adolescents and Children

Policy: What To Do:: If you witness inappropriate conduct (for parents, coaches and team personnel)

Policy: Requirement:: Any suspicion of child abuse is reported to law enforcement

Policy: Environment:: Supporting participant’s physical and emotional safety (free of bully, discrimination, etc.)

Supportive Initiatives: Coaches Association of Canada:: Responsible Coaching Movement

Policy: Rule of Two:: Education for players, parents, coaches, and team personnel

Policy: Requirement:: All coaches and team personnel must have completed Respect in Sport Activity Leader training

Policy: Requirement:: All coaches and team personnel must have completed proper Background Screening, including a Criminal Record Check (CRC) with Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) or Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) within the last 3 years

Policy: Recommendation:: At least one parent or guardian from each participating family has completed Respect in the Sport Parent Program training

Policy: Requirement:: At least one individual from the organization has completed Commit to Kids online training and this individual is identified as the primary liaison for child protection (including contact information for Coaches, Team Personnel, and Parents

Supportive Initiatives: Appreciating Diversity:: To ensure everyone feels safe and that they belong regardless of ability and background

Policy: Protocol:: Injury prevention, assessment, treatment, and return to play protocols

Policy: Requirement:: Anti-Doping Policy and Education Program for Players and Team Personnel

Policy: Requirement:: All coaches must obtain their community stream workshops for the ages/stages they are involved in programming

Policy: Requirement:: Making Ethical Decisions Workshop and/or Online Evaluation

Policy: Requirement:: Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program

Policy: Requirement:: Coaching Pathway

Policy: Coach training and/or certification alignment to programs operated by Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer

Policy: Requirement:: Goalkeeper Coach and Goalkeeper Training

Partnerships: Integrated Support Team with certified experts in Nutrition, Mental Skills Training, Performance Analysis (Physiology and Biomechanics), as well as the Physical Training Provider and Medical Staff

Partnerships: Qualified Physical Training Provider who is responsible for the development and oversight of the Physical Training Plan in conjunction PFC

Partnerships: Organizations that offer Medical Staff, which includes at a minimum one doctor and one physiotherapist or athletic therapist that is properly certified and licensed

Policy: Service Provider Procurement – Internal Resource, Contact prostarsfootballclub@gmail.com 

Policy: Financial Investments – Internal Resource, Contact prostarsfootballclub@gmail.com

Policy: Requirement:: All staff members must complete Respect in the Workplace training

Policy: Processes: Requirement:: Administration of discipline (ALL) that is independent of the PFC Owners / Operators

Policy: Processes: Requirement:: Administration of appeals and dispute resolution that are independent of the PFC Owners / Operators