U12 Team Registration

Players born in 2005

Training Information

Training in Physical Literacy (CSA Program)

Physical: This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility and skills.

Technical: Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements; technical skills are developed in training and within the context of basic soccer games.

Tactical: Developing environment awareness and encouraging decision making: simple combinations, marking and running into space.

Mental: Golden age of learning; intrinsic motivation is developed by the Fun and Enjoyment that foster desire to play; imagination, creativity, increased demands, discipline.

Canlan Indoor Facility, 360 Wolfedaale Rd Mississauga

Tu, We, Th
6-7:30pm pr 7:30-9pm

Season Length:
October 1 to September of the following year with winter, March and long weekend breaks.

The Golden Age of Learning

The effect of the role-model is very important at this stage. Children begin to identify with famous players and successful teams, and they want to learn imaginative skills. Skill demonstration is very important, and the players learn best by “doing.” Players move from self-centered to self-critical, and they have a high stimulation level during basic skills training.

This is also an important time to teach basic principles of play and to establish a training ethic and discipline. Repetitions are important to develop technical excellence, but creating a fun and challenging environment is still essential for stimulating learning.

When joining a team at PFC, players must commit to a skills assessment, which will take place over the first 3 practices of the season.

Players shouldn’t stress about being perfect on the first day – this is an assessment, not a tryout. To register for an assessment, please complete the form and we will provide you with everything you should do to prepare.

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