U15 Team Registration

Players born in 2002

Training Information

Training in Physical Literacy (CSA Program)

Physical: Training emphasizes flexibility, disciplined warm-up and cool down, agility, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength, balance, and core strength and stability.

Technical: Technical instruction introduces advanced techniques to those players who are capable, and the skills are presented within a more complex environment with position-specific emphasis.

Tactical: Training emphasizes team work, including developing tasks per unit (defence, midfield, and forward units) and positional awareness through small-sided games and large-sided competitive matches.

Mental: Mental training introduces a pre-competition routine, mental preparation, goal setting, and coping with winning and losing.

(A) Canlan Indoor Facility, 360 Wolfedaale Rd Mississauga
(B) Invader Sportsplex, 6765 Invader cres. Mississauga
(C) Hershey Gymnastic Facility, 5550 CherryPlace, Mississauga

Mon: 6-7:30pm @ Invader (B)
Tues: 3:30-5pm @ Canlan (A)
Wed: 3:30-5pm @ Canlan (A)
Thurs: 6-7:30pm @ Invader (B)
Sat: 1-2pm @ Canlan (A)
Sun: 6-7 @ Hershey (C)


The development model remains “player-centred.” Players are also introduced to nutrition and proper diet (pre-game, post-game, tournaments), prevention and care of injuries, and the importance of rest and recovery.

Game formats progress from 8v8 to 11v11 as players offside are introduced at the beginning of this stage.

The training to competition ratio will be between 5 to 10hrs for every game.

Soccer is now the player’s primary sport, but complimentary sports are encouraged which support movement and athleticism suitable to soccer (e.g. basketball, track &  field).

When joining a team at PFC, players must commit to a skills assessment, which will take place over the first 3 practices of the season.

Players shouldn’t stress about being perfect on the first day – this is an assessment, not a tryout. To register for an assessment, please complete the form and we will provide you with everything you should do to prepare.

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